President’s Welcome

On behalf of TFS – Canada’s International School and as incoming President of the TFS Parents’ Association (TFS PA), I welcome you back to TFS for the 2015-2016 school year and extend warm greetings to the new families who have joined us this fall!

 While there is a great deal of information for you at the beginning of September, we plan to keep you up-to-date with regular PA communication throughout the school year. You can expect:

• PA information included in your weekly branch Communiqué. Scroll to the bottom to find it.

• Weekly messages from your PA class reps from La P’tite école and the Junior School.

• The occasional email from the Parents’ Association.

• Regularly updates on the Parents’ Association website, including PAC meeting agendas and reports

We have highlighted improved communication as one of our top priorities. Feel free to send your

suggestions to

The TFS Parents’ Association: Community Building

This year we have chosen an exciting theme to help focus our efforts. This school year we’d like to

focus on community building. We welcome your input to help us develop ideas for enhancing and

strengthening our TFS parent community – and of course, encouraging volunteers to bring those ideas to 


PA Mission

The mission of the TFS Parents’ Association is to engage and strengthen our community for the

benefit of our children. Through the leadership of the PAC and Executive Committee, PA members

collaborate in fundraising and community building efforts designed to enhance our children’s

learning environment. We ask every TFS family to consider volunteering time, talent and/or

treasure to the Parents’ Association.

More PA information, how it works and what we do, please visit TFS PA.

PA Membership and Opportunities

Simply put, the TFS PA is comprised of parents of all our students – that’s you! Your PA dues

automatically make you a member. We need your engagement. Parents can volunteer for TFS PA

events on an “as available” basis, with commitments ranging from an hour to the coordination of a

PA event. A roster of volunteer opportunities can be found on the TFS PA website. Please click on

the volunteer sign up link and complete the form. Anyone can volunteer and everyone is welcome!

I assure you that it is a worthwhile endeavour that you will find personally rewarding and


How the PA supports TFS

TFS PA has donated $500K in the past five years alone. For more details please visit TFS PA.

The PA Executive Committee

I would like to introduce the 11 members of the 2015-2016 TFS PA Executive Team:

President – Tina Bose

Vice President – Cathy Piedra-McKenzie

Past President – Mary Hountalas

Secretary – Azin Tabrizi-Holder

Treasurer – Hakan Once

Senior School Coordinator 1– Mary Jane Scott

Senior School Coordinator 2 – Josie Marrano

Junior School Coordinator – Mia Toth

La p’tite école Coordinator – Rosa Maria Coq-Barbara

West Campus Coordinator – Ayaz Somani

West Campus Executive Representative – Mona Stirling

If you would like to learn more about your executive team, please click here.

Mark your calendars! PAC Meeting Dates

We realize that you have a busy schedule and that planning ahead is crucial. Please mark your

calendars now so that you do not miss any of the important PA Council Meetings. Your

participation is key to our success. Fingers crossed, we are exploring the possibility for remote

access for our PA meetings; stand by for more information on that in September.

Teach your children by example – be involved! We can’t do it without you! Thank you for your

ongoing support and we are looking forward to another great year together!


Tina Bose

President, TFS Parents’ Association


President's Message

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President’s Welcome

Cathy Piedra-McKenzie

As President of the TFS Parents’ Association (TFS PA), I welcome you back to TFS for the 2017-2018 school year! I would also like to extend a warm greeting to the new families who have joined us this fall!

All TFS parents across all branches belong to the TFS PA. The goal of the PA is twofold: to build a strong community, and to enhance the learning experience of our children.  We accomplish this through sponsoring branch activities and through fund-raising to fulfill the requests, large and small, of our TFS administrative partners. Recent examples of fulfilling our dual mandate can be found our PA website.

As we begin our new year, I would encourage you to reserve some time in your calendar to support your PA.  This can be done in many ways. First, all parents are welcome to attend our monthly PAC (Parents’ Association Committee) meetings. The PAC is the representative body of the PA. Dates can be found here.

Second, I encourage you to volunteer for a PA sponsored event.  I can assure you that there are many rewarding opportunities available. We could help you find a volunteer opportunity, which matches your child’s branch and your time commitment. Opportunities can be found here!

We are excited this year to be supporting a new community event, la marche d'hiver. This inaugural winter market event will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2017. All TFS families and community members are invited to our Toronto Campus to shop, eat and enjoy music and entertainment in our French inspired marketplace! We hope you will join us!

Finally, we all chose TFS as the best school for our children. We come from different communities, united in that common purpose. Your involvement in the PA helps grow wonderful bonds of friendship for you and our community!


Cathy Piedra-McKenzie
President- TFS Parents’ Association

The PA Executive Committee

I would like to introduce the  members of the 2017-18 TFS PA Executive Team
, please  click here.

Left to Right:  Mona Stirling, Rosemary Barbara-Cocq,
Andrea Fazio*, Mia Toth, Cathy Piedra-McKenzie,
Ayaz Somani, Josie Marano, Azin Tabrizi-Holder,
Maria Drosos (Not present, Ted Endean).

PAC Executive Team Contact List:





 Cathy Piedra-McKenzie

 Vice President

 Azin Tabrizi-Holder


 Rosemary Barbara-Cocq


 Mona Stirling

 SS Branch Coordinator

 Josie Marrano

 JS Branch Coordinator

 Mia Toth

 LPE Branch Coordinator

 Maria Drosos

 West Campus Coordinator

 Ayaz Somani

 West Campus Representative

 Ted Endean

Andrea Fazio is the Volunteer and Communications Coordinator. Her role is to develop and grow the Parents' Association volunteer network and to work with
the Executive Team and Standing Committees on their volunteer and communication needs. This position is a voting member of the Parents' Association Council.

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