Sr School Pizza Volunteer Form

2015  Pizza Lunch remaining Dates: Feb. 24, Mar. 26, Apr 23

The Grade 6 and 7's need two helpers; the students come and pick up their pizza and baskets for their class.

For L1 to L5, the duties are serving pizza, veggies/fruit and dessert, and watching over the drinks so they do not take more than one.  We have two congo lines to keep things moving as it is a feeding frenzy for about 20 minutes.   We look forward to seeing all our Sr. School Pizza lunch volunteers in La Terrace at 11:15 am to help set up the drinks/veggies/desserts.  Most of the students are fed by 12:00 and the volunteers are free to go. 

If you can let us know you are planning to come, we can email a reminder the week before.  Send an email to (which goes to the team that coordinates) or fill in the form below.