All TFS parents are members of the TFS Parents’ Association (PA).  Our mission is to enrich our students’ experience; to foster a school community of students, parents/guardians, staff and alumni; to raise and disburse funds to enhance the TFS environment; and, to support a spirit of communication and cooperation throughout our branches.


The TFS Parents' Association Mission Statement reflects its purpose within TFS and is found in the PA Constitution:

The goals of the PA are:

  1. to enrich the experience of students at Toronto French School (TFS)
  2. to foster and promote a school community and an effective partnership among TFS parents/guardians, staff, administration, students and alumni by establishing and maintaining communication and cooperation within and across all branches and campuses;
  3. to raise and disburse funds to enhance the TFS environment; and
  4. to support the Mission Statement of TFS.


The Parents’ Association Council (PAC)
is the representative body of the PA.

It is composed of these voting members (please see diagram here):

  • Executive Committee
  • Standing Committees; and
  • our Branch Representative Teams, serving La p’tite école, the Junior School, the Senior School and the West Branch.

The Parents’ Association Council’s fundraising activities, led by Standing Committee Chairs, are truly community-building events.  The annual Fun Fair (Kermesse), Pizza Lunches and Birthday Book Club are cherished TFS traditions and very enjoyable for all our students.  The Used Book and Used Uniform sales provide a valuable service to parents, while allowing the PA to make financial contributions to the school.

Since 2013, parents from the Toronto branches and West Campus have donated over $730,000 towards supporting the school’s strategic priorities.

Our Branch Teams have the privilege of meeting monthly with their respective Branch Administration, with the intention of supporting the Branch’s goals and activities.  Class Representatives, from Jardin d'eveil - Grade 7, assist the classroom teacher with a variety of requests often recruiting class parents for special events.

Our PA strives to keep the lines of communication open among all our constituents.

PA members are invited to:

  • Observe the monthly PAC meetings;
  • Attend a variety of PA-sponsored parent/staff meetings: Principal’s Breakfasts and Aperitifs, Café Dialogue and new parent welcome events;

Check the Parents’ Association website, which includes: a calendar of events; information about our activities and fundraisers; and, most importantly, a posting of volunteer opportunities!

You can complete the online volunteer form on our website or email

Every August, a Parents’ Association Orientation Booklet is emailed to all parents.  In addition to contact information, the booklet presents specific volunteer opportunities.  Please complete the form and join our team! Our terrific volunteers are the heart of the PA.


A Parents' Association fee of $20 per student will be charged in September, to assist the PA in its work.  Supporting many school activities and enhancing the TFS sense of community.


The PA oversees the committees below and works with administration to provide volunteers for school run activities.

PA Committees:

  • Birthday Book Club              
  • Class Representatives
  • Clubs (SS)                            
  • Comité de Bienvenue
  • Kermesse (Fun Fair)
  • Lecture Series
  • Pizza Day
  • Staff Appreciation Event
  • Teacher Appreciation (SS)
  • Used Book Sale
  • Used Uniform Sale
School run activities with PA Volunteers:
  • Grade 5 transition activities
  • Grade 6 & 7 Dance
  • Grade 7 Bowling
  • Movie Day for Grade 6 & 7
  • Comité de Bienvenue
  • Principal's Breakfast
  • Raptors/ Marlies /Jays events
  • Year-end school event- LPE
  • Sport's Day - Jr. School


While the TFS Parents' Association provides a community and social association for parents, there is also the TFS Board of Directors.

The PA is a subsidiary organization of the school that works in partnership with the school. It is authorized, but does not report to the Board.The PA president is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the
TFS Board of Directors and of the Advancement Committee, acting as a liaison between the PA and the Board.

The TFS Board of Directors provides strategic advice and financial oversight for the school. The Board is comprised of 12 elected directors who serve up to two three-year terms plus three ex-officio directors. Ex-officio members of the Board are the Chair of the TFS Foundation, the Alumni Association President and the Parents’ Association President. The Head of School reports to the Board and the Chief Financial Officer reports jointly to the Board and to the Head of School.
For information about the board, click here.


The TFS PA is a proud member of Interguild

Interguild is an organization that supports Parent Associations and Guilds in their fundraising, friend-raising and other activities. Interguild promotes and shares ideas and practices that our members can use to move forward and work more effectively in their own school environments.

Interguild was founded in April 1991. Currently they have 34 member schools. The members are all Independent schools who are members of CIS Ontario.

The Interguild hosts regular events at their member schools, with opportunities for networking, idea sharing and learning both from each other and from professionals. Members also receive a quarterly newsletter.  We have one representative from the TFS PAC Executive team attend Interguild meetings and report on findings.
Interguild Events