Branch Coordinator (Five Positions)

The role of the Branch Coordinator is to establish and maintain communication and cooperation within the Branch Team, school community, administration and Parents’ Association Council (PAC). 

The position is located at the following TFS school branches;

1) La p’tite école 2) Junior School 3) Senior School and 4) West Campus.

 These positions are members of the Parents’ Association Executive Council. 

Key Duties: 

  • Serve as the point person between the PA and the Administration at the Branch level.
  • Organize and chair monthly meetings with the Branch Representatives and Branch Principal.
  •  Coordinate Branch or grade specific activities, working with the Branch Team and Class Representatives (PK – Grade 7).
  • Coordinate the preparation and presentation of branch reports and proposals to the PAC.
  •  In consultation with the Treasurer, coordinate the preparation and approval of branch budget requests.
  • Update manuals for Branch Team roles which include; Branch Coordinator, Branch Representatives, Class Representatives (Toronto Campus only; Class Representatives are parents/guardians who help coordinate class/grade activities with school staff) and Class Parent Coordinator (West Campus only).
  • Work with the other Branch Coordinators to ensure communication between Branches.
  • Prepare year-end report summarizing branch activities for the AGM.
  • Work with the PA President and Branch Team to propose a PA calendar for the upcoming year.
  • West Campus ONLY - Act as one of three authorized signatories to the PA bank account 

Other PA Duties:

  • As a member of the EC and PA, act as an ambassador and resource for parents and administration to encourage an inclusive TFS community.
  • Attend all monthly PA Executive Council and PAC meetings, participate in discussions and vote as required.
  • Provide counsel to and support for the PA President.
  • Remain in good standing on the PAC and maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution.

Key skills/abilities/experience:

  • Prior experience as a Branch Representative is an asset.
  • Solid organizational skills, ability to manage a team, and provide guidance and leadership to the EC and PAC is essential.
  • Must have strong communication skills, and ability to pursue a confidential and diplomatic approach with all TFS stakeholders.


  • The post is for one year and can be renewed for a maximum of four consecutive years.
  • The time commitment required is on average 10 - 12 hours a month which includes, preparation of work and attendance at various meetings ie. PAC/EC and branch meetings.  The role is cyclical in nature; some months may be busier than others based on the time of year.