Junior School Branch Team


Left to right: Sophie Bisson, Regina Chui, Sammi Zhou, Yien Ha-Watson, Paula Carrascalao

Consider Being a Class Representative

Class representatives at TFS are members of the Parents’ Association who work to assist the classroom teacher and the Parents’ Association in organizing activities involving their child’s class. Two class representatives are chosen by the teacher/administration to represent each class. 

Class representatives meet with peers and branch representatives twice a year: September and April. They also play a significant role in the September Parent Information Evening, held in the classrooms. 

The class representative’s responsibilities include: 
1.   Coordinating volunteers for pizza lunches, outings and class parties. 
2.   Organizing a welcome event for class parents. 
3.   Sending emails to class parents highlighting important class and PA events. 
4.    Collecting funds to support class events and purchasing teachers’ gifts on behalf of class parents. 

If you would like to volunteer as a class representative, complete this form. It is not always possible to assign positions to all who volunteer. A branch representative will contact those selected the first week of school to confirm their position and attendance at the first class representatives meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sammi Zhou
Junior School Branch Coordinator