All TFS parents are members of the TFS Parents’ Association (PA).   Our collective mission is to build a strong community and to enhance the learning experience of our children. We accomplish this through sponsoring school activities and through fundraising to fulfil the requests of our TFS administration partners for student resources which make an immediate impact.

The Parents՚ Association Committee (PAC) is the elected, decision-making body of the PA. It is comprised of these voting members:

  • Executive Committee;

  • Standing Committee Coordinators; and

  • Branch Representative Teams, serving La p’tite école, the Junior School, the Senior School and the West Campus.

Fundraising activities, led by the Standing Committees, are events which bring our community together, and enable the PA to make significant financial contributions to the school. Kermesse (Fun Fair), Marché d՚hiver, the West Campus BBQ, Pizza Lunches, and the Birthday Book Club are all cherished annual traditions. The year-end Used Book Sale and frequent Used Uniform Sales provide an invaluable service to families while also raising funds.

Through PA events over the last 10 years, parents across branches have donated an incredible $1.23 million dollars. Looking closer, $800 has been given to support exceptional projects, including our most recent donation of $80K towards the Annual Priorities Fund.  An additional $465K has supported our principals’ wish lists. 

The Parents’ Association Committee community activities have extended over the course of the last few years to include Marché d’hiver, a wonderful winter market shopping experience and our parent social events at different venues each year.

Our Branch Representative members meet monthly with their respective administration to support branch events and activities. Class Representatives, from Jardin d’éveil to Grade 7, assist the classroom teacher with a variety of requests, ranging from coordinating celebrations to recruiting class parents for special events.

As a PA member, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Participate in a monthly PAC meeting;

  • Attend a PA-sponsored event: Principal’s Breakfasts and Apéritifs, and new parent welcome events; and,

  • Volunteer for a wide variety of events and activities.

Are you thinking of volunteering? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your availability and interests by emailing

Volunteers are the heart of the PA - with your support, anything is possible!