Dear TFS Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  As the new President of the TFS Parents’ Association (PA), I am excited to continue the momentum and collaborate with you and our school’s administration for the benefit of our children.

All TFS parents belong to the PA! Our collective mission is to build a strong community and to enhance our children’s learning experience. We accomplish this through sponsoring school activities and through fundraising to fulfil the requests of our TFS administration partners for student resources which make an immediate impact.

We are able to accomplish our goals, thanks to the hundreds of volunteers. This can vary from donating an hour of time to serve on Pizza Day (one of our most successful fundraisers that directly supports the Principal’s wish list items) to spending a few hours monthly sorting through donated uniforms and coordinating their sale to families. There are many ways to get involved. Meet dedicated parents and make a difference in our TFS community that directly benefits our children.

We are excited to share dates for two of our upcoming PA events. Marché d'hiver, a winter market, will take place on Saturday, November 24. All TFS families and community members are invited to our Toronto campus to shop, eat and enjoy entertainment in our European-inspired marketplace. And now in its 26th year, Kermesse is planned for Saturday, June 8. This year’s 25th anniversary event brought our community together to JOUER All Day! We hope to see you at these wonderful events.

Being a part of our diverse TFS community, I have established many strong relationships with inspiring parents and had the opportunity to participate and observe with pride our contributions at work in the classroom. I look forward to continuing to work with you to live and model our school motto: individuals who reflect, citizens who act.  


Azin Tabrizi-Holder ’94
President - TFS Parents’ Association