West Campus Branch Team

The Parents’ Association West (PAW) Team 2018-2019


Back Row: Ida Keenan (PAW Secretary), Paul Winsor (PAW Pizza Rep), Ellie Medarev (PAW Treasurer), Rumina Ratansi (PAW Coordinator and Branch Representative), Claire Ogden (PAW Class Parent Coordinator)

Front Row: Marwa Shalaby (PAW Executive Representative), Nupur Kotecha (PAW Major Events Coordinator)

Welcome to the TFS Parents’ Association - West Campus (the PAW) page

Who We Are

We are a branch of the TFS Parents’ Association (the PA) devoted specifically to those parents and students forming part of our community at the West Campus in Mississauga.

As a TFS parent of the West Campus, you are automatically a member of the PAW! As a group, our collective mission is to build a strong community and to enhance the learning experience of our children. The PAW is managed by an enthusiastic team of parent volunteers, the PAW Team (see the photo above) who:

  • organize and coordinate events and initiatives that greatly support and benefit the West Campus; and

  • ensure our campus is well represented at the TFS Executive Parent Association meetings held each month at our downtown campus.

The PAW raises funds in order to sponsor various school/classroom activities and work with our partners in campus administration to procure school resources that have a positive and immediate impact on our children.

For more information on what the PA does more generally, we encourage you to explore the About section of the website.

Our “West Campus” Initiatives

At the West Campus most of our funds are raised by the ever-popular Friday Pizza Lunch where our students (JK-Grade 7) and teachers come together to enjoy a hearty lunch including a variety of pizza selections, colourful veggies and nut-free dessert.  Each week, Pizza Lunch is hosted by a different grade, giving parents an opportunity to volunteer to help out and get to know the rest of the TFS West family.

Other major events for the whole West campus to enjoy include the International Potluck and the year-end BBQ.

In order to run these key programs along with a number of other smaller initiatives (see below), we need a dedicated body of parent volunteers.

So… It’s Time to Be a Volunteer

Giving the gift of time is a great way to set an example for our children.  When they see their parents and grandparents volunteer at school it gives them a sense of pride and definitely puts smiles on their faces!

Become a volunteer today.  Send the PAW Team an email at pa.west.volunteers@tfs.ca

Here are just some of the areas in which we could use YOUR help:

  • assisting with PAW social events (either by joining an organising committee or helping at the time of the event)

  • preparing Souvenir Booklets so that each of our students has a wonderful memoir of their academic year

  • becoming a Class Parent to facilitate relations between homeroom teacher and the PAW

  • decorating the school hallways according to season

  • organizing the Birthday Book Club alongside the campus librarian

  • coordinating a Teachers Appreciation Luncheon

  • organizing the Grade 7 Graduation event

  • coordinating community sporting activities e.g. the Mississauga Marafun event and organising an end of year Sporting Awards Ceremony

  • welcoming new families to the West Campus  

  • serving Pizza Lunch on a Friday

    So come out and show us your support!

Comments, Ideas, Questions?

We would love to hear from you either in person (at pick-up/drop-off or at one of our PAW meetings) or by email. You can reach us anytime at pa.west.reps@tfs.ca